Extreme Weather Conditions in Alameda County.
What can you do as a homeowner?

Alameda County has experienced extreme weather conditions for the past few years. This year 2021, people in Alameda County are experiencing a drought that affects 100% of the residents in the county. 

On the statistics of drought.gov or NDIS, this year has the record of the driest year over the past 127 years. The abnormal drought is causing a lot of damage in the county, creating wildfires and extreme heat waves. Therefore, the government declares that the county is under a state of emergency.
Furthermore, because of these extreme weather conditions, the water in bays is decreasing. Thus, the supply of water is in demand in Alameda County right now. As a homeowner and a concerned citizen in Alameda, what can you do to lessen the damage to your property?

Extreme Weather Conditions:
What to do in times of drought?

Drought is described as a period of below-average precipitation in a specific location, resulting in long-term water shortages. Moreover, droughts can linger days, months, or even years, wreaking havoc on the agriculture, ecosystem, and the environment.

What can you do in times of drought? Remember that during droughts, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs dry up as well. Water supplies in cities are often depleted since they rely significantly on rainfall. You may help save your town’s reserves by doing some easy things around your house. Below are the ways you can conserve water:
  • Reuse the water. Never pour water down the drain if there are other ways on how you can use it. Instead, use it to water your indoor plants or garden.
  • Fix leaks. Replacing damaged pipes and leaky faucets can help you to avoid wasting water. Make sure that your house is leak-free. 
  • You can do a reading in your water meter. If there are spikes, it is a sign that there is leakage in pipes. 
  • Only make runs in your dishwasher or washing machine if it’s filled with dishes to utilize water. Same as through appliances that use water.
  • Take shorter showers as much as possible. 
  • There are other ways to thaw meat and other frozen foods, Rather than running your water in the faucet. You can defrost the food overnight if you wish to cook it by morning or the next day. There are also settings in your microwave for defrosting.
  • Replace old appliances like toilets, showerheads, and other equipment that use water because they might be using a lot of water.
  • If you are planning to purchase a new appliance, choose one that has water-efficient technology. Investing and upgrading appliances can save up to hundred gallons of water. 
  • There are also a lot of ways on how you can use wet wipes as a substitute. It can be for cleaning nasty spills, cleaning tables, and more. You can save more water when you do this. 
  • If you have a party or any other event, you can use paper plates and plastic cups rather than your dishes. You know how much water you will waste in washing dishes.
Understanding the causes of drought in our environment is the first step toward reducing the effects of drought. Further, we all must understand what dryness is. Knowing how frequently California faces dryness will help you predict how probable it is that drought will strike again in the future.

Conserving water in your home

The government in Alameda is asking the residential areas to conserve water as much as possible. Because of climate change, we really cannot avoid these extreme weather conditions that cause us damage not only to society but also within our homes.

During severe droughts in California, learning to conserve water at home is essential. There are other ways of avoiding the usage of water in your home when it isn’t necessary. Consequently, it may result in cheaper monthly water bills.

The truth is, conserving water is not difficult. By just turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth, you could save over a hundred gallons of water each month.

Homeowners Insurance for Extreme Weather Conditions

There’s a lot of role for Homeowners Insurance to play in protecting you in times of these Extreme Weather Conditions. Wildfires, heatwaves, droughts, water damage, and more are happening in Alameda County right now. Your home insurance can help you to cope in facing these unwanted events.

As of now, Alameda County is experiencing a Drought even in these cold months. Thus, there will be a possibility that your house foundation will crack due to dry soil because of heat waves. Moreover, crack is not the only problem that can happen in your foundation. It can also make your floors uneven. Below are the common signs you can encounter before, during, and after a drought:
  • Floors with a slope
  • Uneven or irregular floors
  • Sidewalks and driveways with cracks
  • Bricks with cracks
  • Drywall with cracks
  • Basement floor with cracks
  • Squeaky doors and windows
  • Cracking walls in the corners
  • Pipes that have burst
  • Chimneys that are displaced
  • A gas meter is skewed
As a homeowner in Alameda County, it can be tough to cope up with the extreme weather conditions that are always happening. Alameda County faces issues regarding drought and not having enough water supply, which is vital to our daily needs.
Not only Alameda, but almost 70% of California is experiencing Extreme Weather Conditions due to climate change. We cannot change the fact that being a homeowner can be difficult. However, with the help of Home Insurance, our burden can be lifted, leaving us with peace.
Insurance Companies in California are offering a lot of Homeowners Insurance policies to help you with your needs. If you haven’t yet acquired any insurance for your home, you can Get a Homeowners Insurance Quote to know the prices and policies your house needs.