What is Earthquake Insurance?

Many people think Home Insurance and Renters Insurance cover the damages from Earthquake, when in fact they’re not. Earth Tremor is a separate coverage and acts as an add-on policy to home or renters insurance. Earthquake Insurance secures you from casualties caused by quakes. Most states offer Earthquake Insurance because of its ability to cover homes and personal properties.

Why Do You Need Earth Tremor Insurance?

Many people would probably think that Earth Tremor don’t happen all the time. However, when it does, you may find yourself paying large amounts of money out of pocket due to damages. Even if strong earth Tremor rarely happen, the damages of the devastating ones could leave you defenseless. If your place is considered at high risk of earthquakes, insuring your homes is the wisest idea.
Earthquake Insurance
Earthquake Insurance

What Does Earthquake Insurance Cover?

When quakes cause damages to your home and properties, Insurance can come to your rescue. It offers coverage that can protect your investments. Here are the list of  coverages:
  1. It provides financial assistance for repairs to your house and its other structures, such as garages or swimming pools. 
  2. It can compensate for the replacements or repairs of your precious belongings.
  3. Additional living expenses provide financial help in case your home becomes uninhabitable. It provides enough compensation for your lodging, transportation, and meals until your home is ready.

Every policy has its coverages that will match your specific needs. You can work with our insurance agents to help you through it if you want to know more about the policies. They can definitely guide you in choosing the right coverages that can fill your needs. Call Now!

What Does Earth Tremor Insurance Not Cover?

The coverage of Earthquake Insurance can get you overwhelmed especially if you know you’re at high risk of earth Tremor. However, there are limits to things that Earthquake Insurance covers. Here are some of the exclusions that you should know about.

  • Floods or Tsunamis: Earth Tremor Insurance doesn’t protect your belongings if water damages your home and properties. If you live in areas that are at high risk of flood, Flood Insurance can insure your home.
  • Sinkholes: Damages to your land, such as sinkholes, are not covered by Earthquake Insurance. Depending on the insurance company, there may be available policies that can cover your land.
  • Fire Damages: Even if an quake causes a fire, Earthquake Insurance does not cover the damages. You can always add Fire Insurance to help cover your home or properties in case of fire.
  • Damages to your Vehicles: If an earth Tremor damages your car, earthquake insurance doesn’t compensate for the repairs. Auto Insurance is a form of insurance that can help you protect your car.
Earthquake Insurance

Overall, Earthquake Insurance can save you from financial losses if an earthquake damages your home or properties. It provides coverage that will secure your savings from rebuilding your home or repairing your belongings. Quakes might not happen, but you could make yourself vulnerable without insurance when the strong ones do. Get a Quote