Does California Home Insurance Cover Plumbing?

Investing in a good Homeowners Insurance policy can provide you peace of mind knowing your home is safe. Fires, windstorms, and burglary are all covered, but do you know what your insurance limits are? For example, what about water leaks? Is home insurance going to cover a plumbing leak? How about a brand-new pipe?
Water damage is one of the most common and costly disasters that may strike your home. This is why it’s critical to grasp the nuances of various plumbing issues and whether they’re covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.
According to data from iProperty Management, even a small leak can increase an average residential water bill by 10%.
  • The average water damage claim on a homeowners insurance policy is $11,098.
  • Water damage is seen in 98 percent of basements.
  • Flooding threatens 14.6 million houses in the United States.
  • On just about any given day, 14,000 people are affected by house water damage crises.
  • Residential water damage charges up to $20 billion a year in the United States.

Costs of Common Household Water Damage

Type of Damage Total Cost
Minor plumbing or fixture leak $100
Malfunctioning appliance $1,600
Single floor, 1 inch of water in a small home $11,000
Single floor, 1 foot of water in a single-family home $29,000
Heavy storm damage $38,000
Unfinished basement flooded with contaminated water $60,000
2nd floor contaminated water damage $100,000

*All repairs, replacements, and waste are included.

When Does Homeowners Insurance California Include Plumbing?

Choosing the right policy for your needs could be time consuming. However, it’s all worth it once you are able to decide the right policies for your needs.

The cost of homeowners’ insurance varies depending on the level of potential risks your house may experience. The location of your home and your neighborhood may impact the value of your insurance rates. If your home is located in areas that are prone to floods or earthquakes, you will need to add more policies.

For Condo Insurance, the rates also vary depending on the type of policies you and your condo association have. The amount of your policy depends on the scope of your condo association’s master policy.


There are two types of how master policy works:

  • All-in or All-inclusive masters policy covers attachments or installations inside your condo unit. Sinks, cupboards, built-in bookcases are some of the few examples of fixtures that all-in cover. All-in secured the exterior and interior parts of the condo unit except for personal belongings.
  • Bare-walls-in masters policy covers the walls, ceilings and floorings of the unit but not the ones attached to it.  As a unit owner, you will only worry about protecting your belongings when unfortunate things happen.

Home insurance’s coverage rate is higher since it has a lot more to cover than condo insurance. Homeowners also have higher potential risks than condo unit owners. For Home Insurance, high risks often fall to higher rates.

How Does California Homeowners Insurance Cover Damages of Plumbing Issues?

Your home insurance policy includes three types of coverage that will help protect you if you suffer damage as a result of a plumbing problem. These include:

1. Dwelling Protection
It protects your home’s structure and helps pay for repair or rebuilding charges if you need to hire a contractor or an emergency plumber after a plumbing mishap. Damage to carpeting, floors, walls, and other surfaces is covered.

2. Personal Property Insurance
It compensates you for the worth of your possessions. Personal property coverage, for example, would assist you with replacing damaged items if a burst pipe ruined your wardrobe.

2. Coverage for Additional Living Expenditures
If the damage was serious enough that you needed to leave your home for a lengthy period of time, this coverage would assist pay for expenditures such as lodging, transport, food, and other necessities.

When Does Homeowners Insurance California Include Plumbing?

While homes insurance will cover certain plumbing damage, many situations are not:
  • Water damage caused by normal wear and tear.
  • Poorly maintained concerns, such as leaking plumbing, cause damage.
  • Pipes that are clogged.
  • Water damage created mold.
  • Back-up of water from an exterior drain or sewer.
  • Flood damage.
While a normal home insurance policy will not cover losses caused by water backup or floods, there are extra coverage alternatives available. For further information, contact your insurance provider.
Plumbing mishaps occur. When they are truly unexpected, your homeowners insurance coverage would most likely assist you in paying for the damage. Regardless, frequent examination and repair of your plumbing systems are essential to avoiding serious water damage that may not be insured.

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